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420 Medical Evaluation Services:

New PatientPatients who never had a medical marijuana recommendation

Patients who currently have a valid medical marijuana recommendation but is up for renewal.
SB 420 Exemption
Exempting patients from the statewide limits.
Photo ID Card
A color picture of you added to a laminated color Cannabis ID card.

Required for ALL Patients:

    Pre-Visit Requirements

    1. Must be at least 18 years of age
    2. Must be a resident in California w/ Photo ID
    3. Must have medical records to support a diagnosis, and
                  bring them to your appointment.

    Valid California driver’s license or Identification card

    Expired California ID with temporary DMV form

    Valid Passport or Out of State ID with temporary DMV form

    Valid Passport or Out of State ID/ proof of CA residency (utility bill, lease, car, or voter registration)

    Valid Government-Issued ID

    Valid Resident Card for California

    Temporary DMV form with any photo ID

    Military Card with proof of residency

    Any "other" ID must be Government issued

    We do not accept Birth Certificates

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